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Solar Power Systems

Turn to solar power for all electricity and heating requirements of your workspace and enjoy significantly lower power bills. More and more companies today are relying on solar heating for their commercial needs, hence creating a brighter future for their businesses.

Here are some business that can benefit from solar water heating systems:


Industrial corporations can have various applications such as boilers and steam generation units which require heated water inlets, solar systems can provide a constant supply of hot water at affordable rate. The canteens and cleaners can also use hot water on demand.


Guests expect the comfort of hot showers and hot water in their taps. Your kitchen and your laundry rooms, too, can benefit from the ease with which hot water is available.


The kitchen, the cleaning and the sterilisation, all require a continuous supply of hot water that only a solar water heating system can offer, without the accompanying bills.

Real Estate

Residential complexes are home to a lot of people, who need hot water through the day and in large volumes. So it only makes sense to install solar water heating systems to eliviate the cost of boilers and the stress of not having hot water when you need it.

Rooftop Solar Power Systems

Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems

Solar Water Heater Systems